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painting  customer's voice


We have posted the voices of customers who are decorating plasma paintings.

It is a share about living with paintings.

《Plasma painting》

  I encountered paintings at Shin's solo exhibition more than ten years ago, and I felt like I was drawn to the mystery of water lilies, the beauty of the colors, and the delicacy of the touch.

When I decorated the painting, it was impressive that the energy of the space changed in an instant.

Also, looking at the paintings in your daily life will make you feel calm. It feels like it brings out the holiness within me and is my lifelong partner.

(  Yoko)



  Currently, I am exhibiting 5 paintings by shin in the "Fortune-telling Room", which is also my workplace. For this reason, we have received feedback from our customers, and what we found out was that each painting feels completely different. Through the paintings, there are various things that can be felt, such as reflecting the person's inner world and showing their longing. Every time I heard such impressions, I began to feel the background and energy of each painting.

I feel that the painting itself is alive. You may feel that the person in the painting is speaking to you, or that you can hear the sound of insect wings. By being in such a living energy, I feel that my vitality and energy are improved, energy exchange is occurring, and I am healed and supported by the energy of the painting. I feel it.

(  Mercury Hiromi)



  I felt nostalgic at the same time as I was fascinated by the paintings. I decided to purchase it because I thought, "I want to stop by watching this painting and connect my thoughts to the future, because I am living here in the big flow of time." When I look at the paintings, I try to ask, "Am I conscious of this place now without being swayed by negative emotions?" I came to think that. Perhaps the energy of the painting (plasma) resets the accumulated stress. Also, I bought this painting at Shaunty Roca Japan, a non-profit organization where Shin volunteers, and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to contribute to society through the purchase of the painting.

(Mr. Yurie)


《Plasma flower painting》

  When I first saw the finished painting, I didn't think that the glittering flowers were myself, and for a while I kept them in the box. I felt embarrassed, but as I live with paintings every day, I feel that paintings and myself have become familiar with them, and I always feel courageous. For me, painting is a matter of course. I felt that it should be.

(  Kumiko  )



  I had them draw flowers for my birthday. I feel like I have to re-recognize, rather than calm down, "Is this kind of energy ?!" Suddenly, it makes me feel strange when I see it. It feels like you are full of energy in the painting and in the room. A symbol of your own true energy!

(  Mr. Tsuribe  )



  When my son was 3 years old, I asked him to draw a picture of the amaryllis flower, which he had grown for the first time.

Amaryllis has thick stems that grow steadily and bloom large flowers. Not only is it beautiful, it's also very powerful. I asked for the seeds of my mission, which was born with strength and energy, with the hope that it would bloom as powerfully as amaryllis.

Mr. shin came to see the amaryllis flowers that his son was raising and talked with him carefully. The finished flower painting is more powerful than ikebana, and the colors are beautiful and I am very satisfied.

(  Misako  )



  It was a painting beyond my imagination. The flower of Physalis was drawn pretty dignified in the center. I didn't even know that the flowers would bloom on the physalis, so I was impressed and loved the pure white flowers. I see Hozuki's paintings and my life on top of each other.  I feel like my alter ego.

If possible, I'm the kind of person who thought it would be better for me to live hiding behind people, rather than being in public. This is because he had a strong complex in his appearance and existence.  The message I received from this painting was, "I have flowers that only I can bloom."

(  IH  )



■ I think it was around 2008, but when a teacher who respected the soil-planted gerbera suits me, I asked shin to make it and decorate it at the entrance to welcome people. .. I think there is a fact that it is becoming a home where people can come.

I heard the flower language in advance, and I think that keywords such as "shining future," "adventurous spirit," and "mystery" were included, but I also think that the sense of distance between the picture and myself has changed. At first, I feel embarrassed, but as the years go by, I feel lovable. I feel like I'm enjoying the process of valuing my existence. I think that this painting reflects what is inside me, and I think it's interesting that the way I feel it depends on when I see it.

(  Midori  )



  When my daughter turned 3 years old, it was time to start to realize herself, so when I heard that she could express her inner brilliance with a plasma picture, I bought it so that I could feel that brilliance on a daily basis. I was happy to see a glimpse of some of the essence of my daughter.

I naturally see paintings in my daily life, so I feel like I'm with my daughter even when she's out. The acceptance that he has a role to raise a daughter like this flower painting has deepened further. Presenting paintings to people was also a wonderful experience. I would also like to give it to my younger child who will be born soon.

(Mr. Tetsuji)



  After asking for this painting, shin took the time to meet her daughter, talked to her, and played with her, and the flowers were decided.

Then, when I received the finished painting, he added a message to the back of the painting, saying, "Feel the excitement and crush and enjoy it. A wonderful world will spread." I felt that it was a very necessary message for my daughter who is always growing up and working hard. Every time I saw the paintings on display, I was able to remember that, and I thought that both my daughter and the people watching over us could be aware of it.

I felt that it was the plasma painting that inspired me because of my polite involvement and loving tuning for that person. I am familiar with it as if it had been there for a long time, and I am touching its beautiful energy.

Thanks to shin for drawing the loving plasma picture 💕

(Mr. Sayaka)



  I was asked to draw a daffodil, a flower for my birthday, and I feel encouraged by the scolding.  It's a painting that looks like a daffodil melting into the universe, and it's my treasure.

I wonder what would happen if I drew my soul in a picture. I've learned a lot of guilt and self-denial, and sometimes I feel painful or sad, but the peaceful, reassuring, and shining plasma paintings of daffodils teach me how I should be. I feel like he was giving me. He is the one who always sends power.

(Mr. Nobuko) 

* Plasma flower painting expresses the energy of the person who requested it with flowers.

  It is a custom-made painting.

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