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Art Studio shin original workshop

Watch, listen, feel and share

Only that child

“How to feel, how to see, how to express, what you like, what you dislike, what you enjoy”

Only that child

Spreading scenery

"Watch" the children, "listen" to the story, "feel", "share",

You can see the individuality of each child.

In a relaxed time

It's time to share the sensibilities of the children.

Picture book making workshop for parents and children

On plain white paper with nothing drawn

Draw freely with excitement.

Using painting materials such as crayons and paints

While sharing with parents and children

Make a picture book of "Treasure".

Date and time

Although it is irregular, it is held around Musashi-Kosugi Station.

Details will be posted on the website as soon as they are decided.

* If you would like to participate or are interested, please use the "Inquiry" form below.

Please send me an email.

We will contact you by email as soon as the schedule is decided.

*** The state of the event held on Saturday, December 2, 2017 is posted on the Blog. ***

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