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Picture book "Everyone is brushing-I like it!"

"I'm repeatedly told to read!"


"When I read the picture book, my child immediately went to brush his teeth, saying,'I have to brush my teeth too!'"


"I'm scared of cavities Baburn!" And so on.

A happy voice has arrived from the mother who read aloud to her child!


I made it while imagining the children reading, "Everyone is brushing! I like it!"

  Through the storytelling, I'm glad that the habit of brushing teeth and the sharing of parents and children are occurring!

I hope my family will smile more ...

This picture book contains the wishes of Wisteria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

"Everyone is brushing ~ I like it!"

Written and illustrated by: shin  (core)

Published: September 15, 2017

Publisher: Grand Cross Co., Ltd.

(* Note) This picture book is a gift for children and is not for sale.

"Everyone is brushing-I love you!" Picture book story-telling video

Eisuke Tamura of "TOONBOYS" of "Picture Book Boys" is listening to us more.

↓ Please see the picture book men's HP "Everyone's toothpaste-I love you!" Introduction page.



To everyone who is interested in picture books

This picture book is not for sale and is currently being read aloud by a picture book boy model at picture book boys' events and nursery schools / kindergartens and presented to all children free of charge.

(First time 5,000 copies)

However, I think that some people live far away or cannot participate in the event.

If you wish, you can apply from the "Other Inquiries Form" below.

* The picture book "Everyone's Toothpaste-Isuki!" Is free, but shipping may apply.

↓ If you want a picture book, please visit the "Picture Book Boys" site below.

You can apply or make inquiries from the "Other Inquiries Form".

"Picture book boys"


Oral care for Mirai-I want to think about Mirai in my family from the health of my mouth-


Brushing your teeth is an important opportunity to communicate with your child in parenting.


I hope this picture book will help you to like brushing your teeth so that you don't get cavities.


And I hope you can deepen the "bond" of your family.


I hope that as many children as possible who like toothpaste will increase and the smiles of their families will increase.

Thoughts of Wisteria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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