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Made-to-order plasma flower painting
About accepting orders for plasma flower paintings
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Limited time from May to October 2021
​​ * Made-to-order plasma flower paintings
Every year, we draw as many as we can undertake in that year.
If the number of applications for this year reaches a certain number, we will stop accepting applications at that point.
What is a plasma flower painting?



A painting with a flower motif and the energy felt by the customer who requested it.

We call it "plasma flower painting".

"Energy" here means the person's light, brilliance, color, shape, flow, momentum, and so on.


Therefore, before drawing a picture, I meet in person and talk to them.

From the customers who have requested so far, by seeing the finished flower picture,

Meet a new self

Peace of mind,

Now I have time to talk to myself,

We have also received a voice saying that.

For gifts for yourself, gifts for loved ones,

How about one?

​* The following works are all made to order. Not for sale.


Painting material: Watercolor

Exa gum

Painting materials: watercolor, crayon


Art materials:​ Watercolor, crayon


Art materials:​ Watercolor, pen


Art materials:​ acrylic

Japanese anemone

Painting materials: watercolor, crayon​

How to apply

(1) Please fill in the following ① to ⑦ on the application form.

① Your name  ② Address ③ Phone number ④ Email address ⑤ Name of desired flower

⑥ Size ⑦ Share etc.

   * The application form is at the bottom of this page.

* The types of flowers are the client's birth flower, favorite flower, healing flower, and memory flower.

Please choose from.

(2) After confirming the email you applied for, we will inform you about the production time.

(3) I will talk once before the production.

   * If you meet, we will be in Tokyo.

   (* Because of the influence of coronavirus, I am currently talking about zoom etc.)

   *After deciding the date and time to meet, we will post information about payment.

   * After payment, the formal application will be completed.

About painting size

F6 size: (408mm x 315mm)

Price: 385,000 yen (tax included)

(* The above prices are for paintings only. The price is not included.)


About payment

・ Basic size

* The transfer destination will be notified by email to the person who applied.

​ *Please pay at least 3 days before you meet.

*** Please be sure to read before applying. ***

* Paintings will be produced in the order of application.

In addition, I will draw each one with all my heart, so I have to wait.

May be.

* Since shin expresses the energy felt by the customer with flowers, it may not be expressed with the actual shape or color of the flowers.

Therefore, the finish may differ from your image.

*The painting materials used are determined by the image that appears. Please leave it to us.

・ Use basic, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, oil, colored pencils, crayons, ink, etc.

* Paintings are basically handed over by hand.

(* If you cannot hand it over due to the influence of coronavirus, we will mail it.)

Please note the above before applying.

* If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form below.

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